2017 Kitchen Bath Industry Show Village - Millennial Home

2017 Kitchen Bath Industry Show Village - Millennial Home

Chelsea Maple Kitchen Cabinets in Glacier Pewter Painted Finish, light gray pewter glaze.

Kitchen Cabinets - Chelsea Maple, in a Glacier Pewter, paint with a glaze. Glacier Pewter is a white painted finish with a light gray pewter glaze.

Winslow Oak Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar in Tungsten (A Medium Gray Stain) with a Gray glaze and a Brown Glaze Applied

The Kitchen Island is Winslow Oak, Tungsten. Tungsten is a translucent medium gray stain with gray and brown glazes. It is created by applying multiple glazes onto a stained surface to create a textural look and feel.

Kitchen wall cabinet with lighting under it, illuminating the countertop below it, to make tasks easier

The task lighting under the wall cabinetry focuses on preparation space, making food preparation easier, and helping to reduce eyestrain and the discomforts that come with it.

Chelsea Cabinetry with under wall cabinet lighting and a beautiful Stainless Vent Hood and Gray / Green backsplash tile

Chelsea has a solid wood reversed flat center panel that comes standard with a 5-piece classic drawer front. However, Wellborn does offer a slab drawer front (SDF) option for those who want a cleaner look.

Living Room - Kitchen open floor plan

The open floor plan in this home is great for entertaining. The host or hostess can prepare or refresh staged food and beverages on the island while visiting with their guests.

Chelsea Maple Bathroom Vanity is a Dove Gray pained finish, Cabinet Drawer head is classic 5-pc drawer head

Bathroom Vanity - Chelsea Maple, in Wellborn?s Dove gray painted finish. Chelsea comes standard with the lovely classic (5-pc) drawer front shown in this photo.

Laundry room  / Utility room enter door is flanked with Maple Cabinets with a Glacier White painted finish topped with a Pewter Glaze.

Chelsea Maple cabinets in a Glacier paint with Pewter glaze, flank the entry way to the laundry room. Under cabinet lighting brightens the countertop that the laptop is resting on.

Laundry room cabinetry is finished in a Glacier white paint with a Pewter (Light Gray) Glaze hand applied to accent corners and profile of cabinet door style

The laundry room cabinetry and shelving are Chelsea Maple, in a Glacier Pewter, paint with a glaze. Glacier Pewter is a white paint finish with a light gray pewter glaze.

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2017 Show Village Millennial Home Floor Plan

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