Wellborn Cabinet Product Spotlight

What does the Ninka Quanto lift do?

  • It solves the inaccessible space in the corners of kitchens by providing a vertically rising tray for maximum space usage.
  • The tray moves up and down at the push of a button providing easy access to all stored items and brings them to the height of the counter top. So no need to do any lifting, the Ninka Qanto lift will do it for you.
  • It provides diverse concealed storage for various items that aren’t in use and lifting them when it is their turn to come front and center and ideal for transforming the kitchen into a perfect entertaining hub.
ninka quanto lift wellborn cabinet design

This modern European kitchen features a show stopping island packed with Smart Living Solutions. The Ninka Quanto lift provides an innovating, solution optimizing the use of the storage space in every kitchen corner, and the harmonic design is flawless for modern living environments.

Motion Activated Wastebasket

  • The touch-free technology allows for quicker, cleaner access to trash. This means no germs and less mess with minimal effort, simplifying and elevating your trash experience all at once. Conquering the kitchen, hands-free is becoming the new normal.
  • Concealing waste bins is crucial to keeping your dream kitchen alive. By integrating waste bins into the cabinetry, it brings great contemporary functionality to a very traditional kitchen item.
  • A state-of-the-art sensor provides reliable touchless operation, so you can access the waste bins with ease. Trash is made simple and effortless.

Hands full? No problem. Wellborn’s motion-activated wastebasket pullout provides hands-free access. With just the movement of your foot, this trend-forward innovative mechanism provides a practical solution to a necessary task while simplifying cleanup in the kitchen.

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