Neutrals to Power Up Home Decorations

September 18, 2017

Ask any expert interior designer and they will tell you that color is powerful enough to change the entire look and feel of any space. Thus, deciding your home’s color palette can be an overwhelming chore. However, with good planning, you can find the colors that can perfectly display your concept and style.
Trends in color change with time. For instance, 2017 is marked with economic downturns, intercontinental and international conflicts and wars, the housing crisis, and more. These events have shaped the taste in color and design of people. Homeowners are searching for the hope which is reflected by their choice of bright hues like acid yellow and crimson. However, they also crave for security and comfort which is shown with blends of neutral colors.
Although space completely filled with neutrals can appear boring, the right amount of it can permeate posh and sophisticated charm. As the founder of Color Turners, Dennis Turner, says, neutrals flourish and will continue to do so. They can be the perfect companions of bright colors or can be blended together to create monochromatic schemes.
So how do you power up your home decorations with neutrals?
Kick Off With Brown


Estate cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Davenport Square Maple, Drift

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in Houzz Kitchen Photos
Color forecasters see brown keeping its reign as the go-to color of almost any industry, from fashion to interior décor. However, in 2017, there is a shift from chocolate brown to lighter browns like that of cinnamon and mocha. These tones can be creamy and smooth. Thus, the room can envelop you in its coziness.
Reinvent Gray


Napa Maple, Dove Slate & Willow Slate, Bristol Hickory, Oatmeal Slate

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in Houzz Kitchen Photos
Though brown seems like interior designers’ neutral color favorite, it has recently been surpassed by gray. The color covers a large range of hues, from charcoal to hematite. Its charm is mainly with its ability to give pearlescent and metallic accents. Gray is also a versatile shade, so it can blend with any hue to create a modernized them and conjure a relaxing vibe. All you need is a touch of gray paint on the wall and the trick is done.

Embrace the Beige

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Wellborn Cabinet - Beige - Slate Kitchen

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in The Beige House
Neutral colors like beige give that classic warm yet energizing aura. Beige goes well with other neutrals colors but can complement bright colors as well. It is easy to mix and match with it. It has that traditional lightness that makes it the perfect color foundation.


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