Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

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last updated: April 30, 2020

Flexibility and organization of a bathroom is key when planning on remodel or new home construction. Bathroom space ranges from small single vanity layouts to large master suites. This makes vanity cabinets extremely important. We construct our Wellborn bathroom vanities with storage and organization in mind, and in a variety of design styles. A traditional or wall mount single vanity suite makes perfect use of a small space while a modern double sink vanities can provide the much needed storage space for large master suites. Our selection of modern bathroom vanity designs are available across all product lines.

modern stained double vanity

Modern Double Sink Vanities

A double sink vanity can add functionality and increased storage space to a bathroom. If located between two bedrooms, a double vanity can transform a shared bathroom into a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, which is popular among a shared children’s bathroom. A Wellborn Cabinet modern vanity suite allows for a feeling of increased luxury with it’s clean lines and sophisticated design.

painted bath vanity

Modern Double Vanities We Love

Some of the more popular designs of double vanities include under cabinet storage and stained finishes.

This Antigua vanity in a light blue gives a calming and relaxing feel to the space. The open area between sinks allows space for a vanity chair and drawer to store products in while the vanities themselves are packed with storage options.  

black bath vanity

This double vanity cabinet features the Aspire full access frameless door style Midtown with vertical grain patterns and is finished with a Matte Stone designer laminate with matching cabinet door edge. 

A unique take on the classic double vanity design! This design separated the vanities and positioned them across from each other. The benefit of this modern design is that it allows PLENTY of space for preparing for the day ahead. The Milan door style helped create this modern double vanity design. 

Our double bathroom vanity gallery can help identify more design inspiration, browse bathroom cabinetry.

stained double vanity

Selecting a Double Vanity

When choosing your double bath vanity, there are three main points to consider: the size of your space, your storage needs, and the design style of your bathroom. The size of your space is probably the most crucial. Double vanities take more floor space than a traditional single vanity cabinet. It is important to consider the difference between a wall mount vanity, or floating vanity, and a freestanding vanity. Freestanding vanities do not stretch the width of a bathroom wall. Freestanding vanities mount to the center of the bathroom wall and contain lower shelves for storing things like linens. A wall mount vanity adheres to the bathroom wall and has available space beneath it.

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