Made in America Winner - Mr. Ken Ruhland

May 17, 2013


Congratulations to Mr. Ken Ruhland for winning the Made in America Contest. This fall Mr. Ruhland and a guest will be our honored guests at Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.


The event will include a private manufacturing facility tour conducted by one of the Wellborn Family members - Ken and  a guest will get to see how cabinetry is truly made - from the logs arriving at our plant for processing to finished products being loaded on our own fleet of trucks. They will also get to meet the people of Wellborn Cabinet throughout the tour and get a glimpse into what teamwork & family are truly all about.



After all the day's work Ken will be treated to fun on the lake  - boat riding, fishing and skeet shooting to finish the long day at the Wellborn Cabinet Campus.

We can't wait to meet Ken and family and for him to meet all of us!

Thank you to all that entered!


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