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When it’s time to retreat, the spa-like bathroom promises sanctuary in its design. Floating vanities provide a sleek, modern look that creates a zen feeling in a bathroom. Updating your vanity is a simple way to transform your space without undergoing a huge home improvement project, and floating vanity cabinets are a popular choice for bathroom remodels.

What are Floating Vanities?

Floating vanities mount directly to the wall, providing more floor space and creating a streamlined look. Floating vanities are also referred to as wall-mounted vanities.

gray floating vanity cabinets

Advantages of Floating Bathroom Vanities

By mounting the vanity to a wall, the space is broadened, naturally making the bathroom look and feel larger while your bathroom will naturally appear larger. This makes floating vanity cabinets ideal in small spaces like powder rooms. Wall-hung bathroom cabinets can also provide room underneath, making them more accessible and providing a space to place trashcans, etc.

How high is a floating vanity?

Another advantage of a floating bathroom vanity cabinet is that it allows the homeowner to customize the height of the vanity.

Although the aesthetic benefits often come at the cost of limited under-sink storage space, this potential pitfall can be overcome with a customizable U-shaped drawer option, which is designed to fit around the sink plumbing in your bath, allowing you to use all of that under-counter space.

Selecting A Floating Vanity

Floating vanities offer a minimalist design, which have many benefits. An essential benefit is the regained floor space in a small space. Floating vanities are also beneficial for household members of varying heights. Standard bathroom vanities are available in standard height options, floating vanities can be installed at any height. Multiple floating vanities can be used to achieve a double sink layout.

How Do You Install A Floating Vanity?

When installing a floating vanity it is important to attach the vanity directly to the structure studs. Wellborn recommends contacting your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer or an Authorized Contractor for installing cabinetry.

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