Character In The Kitchen: Small Details That Make A Big Difference

January 13, 2015

Character in the kitchen collage

Moving into a new state, new town, and a new home meant getting a new kitchen. A kitchen that happened to be remodeled in the early 80's on a thrifty budget. Rather than starting out with a kitchen remodel, I decided to make it my own by utilizing accessories and wedding gifts to add personal character. These are quick and simple improvements that can be applied to any room of the home.

Being someone who LOVES to cook and spend time in the kitchen, my small amount of countertop space and cabinetry really limited the excitement of my hobby. A small amount of space meant I had to be very selective on what I was going to let live on the countertops and in the cabinets. So, what are those necessities? My Kitchen-Aid mixer, recipe stand, canister set, spice rack, butcher block cutting board, knife block, and a few mason jars are, on a good day, all you will find on the counter. These are my most used items, so they really make me feel at "home" in my kitchen.

As far as cabinet space goes, I found that removing cabinet doors from wall cabinets make a kitchen feel larger and more open. This helped out more than just for looks because now my plates fit on the open shelves where before my cabinet doors would not shut. Aesthetically, my clear glasses, mason jars, and dishes add to the character of the kitchen, and that I love. This also helps in making me more organized with those items knowing that they are a large part of the visual of the kitchen.

open shelving racks

I have tried finding ways to add charm to my small haven with functionality in mind. So far, it has been a success. Only having certain items on the counter gives me an adequate amount of workspace. The shelving by the sink window houses some mason jars which are great for storing utensils and other items. They even add a unique touch to the space and are VERY convenient.

                             sink window shelving                               mason jar

These are a few small improvements that really go a long way. Next will be to throw some paint on the walls and cabinets, add new window treatments, and build a shelf to hold my cookbooks!  

Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist

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