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February 8, 2021

Wellborn offers a wide selection of maple cabinetry in a variety of styles and finishes. Browse our assortment of maple cabinet finishes and order a sample today!

Maple Cabinetry

Maple cabinetry is beautiful and versatile. It is perfect for any kitchen cabinet, because the maple is smooth and has an even wood grain and finish that makes it great for stains or painting. Check out our door styles to see how maple is used in various forms and designs.

Maple Cabinet Finishes

Maple wood works well with a variety of finishes. Some finishes that Wellborn offers are light, medium, expresso, and many more.  Be sure to view an actual sample or contact your dealer to look at samples.

Maple Cabinet Stains

Maple Stains with Glazes

Paints for Maple Cabinets

Maple Paints with Glazes

Maple Cabinetry FAQs

Paints for Maple Cabinets

Is maple a good wood for cabinets?

Maple is a great wood for cabinets because of its grain consistency. It is great for light to dark stains and it is also extremely durable.

What color countertop goes with maple cabinets?

Because maple can be stained or painted in so many shades it can be complemented with any color of countertop. A really elegant countertop that goes well with maple kitchen cabinets is white. 

What color wood floor goes best with maple cabinets?

A neutral color floor works best when pairing with maple cabinets. The color wood grain compliments the neutral colors by adding warmth and softening the room.

How do I take care of my maple cabinets?

Taking care of your maple cabinets is important when it comes to your cabinets lifespan. A great tool is using a wood conditioner to keep the integrity of the wood. Check out our cleaning supplies to help maintain your cabinets. 

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