Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.’s Fourth Design Contest-Extension

We are excited to announce that we are extending our Design Contest entry dates! The contest will run until December 31, 2015.

All Wellborn Designers, Dealers, and Authorized Contractors, don’t miss entering one of your Wellborn designs! We are excited to showcase your designs in our Fourth Design Contest! This is not only a way to gain recognition for your beautiful designs, but you can also win thousands! Login to the Wellborn and You site (WAY site) for more contest details and to share your inspired designs. 

  • Large Kitchens
  • Small Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Other Rooms
  • 1st: $1500
  • 2nd: $1000
  • 3rd: $500
  • Honorable Mention: $100

Here are some designs that have been submitted in the past for the Design Contest:













Wellborn Customizable Options

We have many different options to personalize cabinetry to each individual’s style and need. In this blog you will find the following in the same order as listed below:

  1. You Draw It
  2. Active Living
  3. ColorInspire
  4. Brush Finish
  5. Islands
  6. Hoods
  7. Mouldings & Embellishments
  8. Smart Design

You Draw It

Wellborn’s You Draw It program allows you to personalize or enhance your Estate or Premier cabinetry design with a stunning custom focal point or a custom cabinet designed just to meet your needs. You Draw It lets you create what your imagination has envisioned.

Some modifications include the following:

  • Special Sizes
  • Modifications
  • Custom Options
  • Special Cabinets

Below are a few ways that the You Draw It program has already been utilized to fulfill desired creations.

For more information on the You Draw It program, contact your local Wellborn Dealer. 

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. reserves the right to determine if a special product will be built. 

You Draw It Demi Tall Pantry
You Draw It Pull Out Table and You Draw It Base Pet Center
You Draw It Custom Baker’s Pantry
This butcher block countertop allows accessible heights with the push of a button! How cool of an island would that be? Perfect heights for chopping, serving, and everything in between!
You Draw It Electronic Countertop Lift
You Draw It Bench Seat
You Draw It Electric Hidden Storage Lift
You Draw It Hutch
You Draw It Island
You Draw It Mantle
You Draw It Mantle
You Draw It Pull Down Storage
You Draw It Valence
You Draw It Panel
You Draw It Panel
You Draw It Wall Display
You Draw It Wall Display

Active Living

Click here to view our Active Living products on our website.


The ColorInspire program allows you to choose paint colors form the paint decks of Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar. This program is available in all of our Estate Collection and Elegant Bath Inset cabinetry.

Below are some ways ColorInspire has been used.

For additional information on the ColorInspire program, contact your local Wellborn Dealer. 

ColorInspire Estate Collection Cabinetry
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 1.58.00 PM
ColorInspire Estate Collection Island
ColorInspire Estate Collection Island
ColorInspire Estate Collection Cabinetry
ColorInspire Estate Collection Cabinetry
ColorInspire Elegant Bath Inset Vanity

Brush Finish – A Hint of Brush Stroke

Brush Finish is a hand application designed to give depth and movement to the base color. Brush Finish is available on Elegant Bath Inset door styles and in the Estate Collection. This hand applied glaze in a subtle brush overlaying the paint provides depth to the finish not seen with standard glazing.

  • Available on Maple
  • Brush glaze color in Fawn, a very light tan color
  • Available on Creme, Divinity, Glacier, Pebble, Sandstone, and Vanilla paints (on Maple)
  • Not available with any other glaze or finish technique

Below are some examples of Brush Finish.

For more information on Brush Finish, contact your local Wellborn Dealer. 

Brush Finish on Creme
Brush Finish on Creme
Brush Finish on Divinity
Brush Finish on Divinity
Brush Finish on Glacier
Brush Finish on Glacier
Brush Finish on Pebble
Brush Finish on Pebble
Brush Finish on Sandstone
Brush Finish on Sandstone
Brush Finish on Vanilla
Brush Finish on Vanilla


Islands are one of the most requested items in kitchen design today because of aesthetics and functionality. Some islands may be designed to create a beautiful focal point in the kitchen while other islands are chosen to add seating, storage, work space, and convenience.

See below for island ideas.

To find the island that meets your needs, contact your local Wellborn Dealer. 

Island added for aesthetics
Island added for aesthetics
Island added for aesthetics and seating
Island added for aesthetics and seating
2014 Palmetto Bluff Idea House. kitchen overall
Island added for additional seating and function
Island added for aesthetics, seating, and function
Island added for aesthetics and function
Island added for aesthetics and function

For more tips on choosing your perfect island, check out our blog, Islands- The Heart of the Kitchen.


Click here to view hoods on our website.

Mouldings & Embellishments

Click here to view mouldings and embellishments on our website.

Smart Design

Smart Design is not just about filling a room with beautiful cabinetry. It is about maximizing your rooms’ storage space through organization and convenience through technology and lighting. Smart Design is a way to make a home more custom to each family based on the ergonomics of their personal needs.

For more information on Smart Design, check out our blog, How To: Incorporate “Smart Design” In Your Home.

Smart Design with technology like this Electric Closet Rod
Smart Design with technology like this Electric Closet Rod
Smart Design with Storage Organization Left (Top): Deep Divider Kit Left (Bottom): Deep Drawer Pegged Dish Organizers Right: Corner Sink Base Cabinet with Kidney Sliding Shelves
Smart Design with Storage Organization
Left (Top): Deep Divider Kit
Left (Bottom): Deep Drawer Pegged Dish Organizers
Right: Corner Sink Base Cabinet with Kidney Sliding Shelves
Smart Design with Lighting
Smart Design with Lighting


For more information on Wellborn customizable options and products, please contact your local Wellborn Dealer. 


Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


Remodel: Old World Artisan by Tukasa Creations

Don’t you just love a good, jaw-dropping, breath-taking kitchen remodel? I know we sure do. Today, we want to share a kitchen that took on an incredible makeover leaving the space not only gorgeous but also more functional and practical to accommodate all of the family’s needs.


Located in the beautiful area of Corpus Christi, Texas the home was a new purchase that was within only a few hundred feet from the bay. Although the location was outstanding, there were a few not so wonderful features. The kitchen was outdated with a layout that was far from pleasing to the new homeowners making it an area that they wanted to focus on. Because it felt boxed in, the plan was to open up the space to fit their needs.

The homeowners wanted a rustic, old world look for the kitchen, which was brought in through the finish techniques on the cabinetry and the Saltillo floor-part of the home’s roots.


The kitchen use to be surrounded by a wall with walk-in pantries, but it was not accessible and left the homeowners with not enough space. This outdated and unappealing kitchen was ready for a huge change.















To fix the problem of the pantry being inaccessible, pantry storage was added into the kitchen cabinetry. Removing the pantry wall allowed for a more open and welcoming design.

The homeowners love to entertain and have children, so they are always hosting guests! This is why such a large island was incorporated into the design. Another reason for the large island is because they wanted a large work zone. The husband loves to cook, so he wanted a sink and stove in the same vicinity for functional food prep space.

The combination of two cabinet door styles partnered with a dark stain and added detail through a finish technique is what makes this kitchen such a standout. The base cabinets are Wellborn’s Premier Series Rose Hall Square and the Wall cabinets are Wellborn’s Premier Series Rose Hall Arch. The cabinetry is Maple and finished with a Sienna stain and Charcoal glaze. Character is added to the cabinetry with an Olde World finish technique which consists of burnishing, rub thru, small dents, worm holes, dry brush glazing, carved edges, medium dents and rasping.














The finished product was a transformed piece of artwork that the homeowners are proud to show off! Not only is this now an eye-pleasing space, but it contains storage and function to fit all of the families needs!

This beautiful kitchen remodel was completed by Tukasa Creations. For more information go to http://www.tukasacreations.com.

Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


Pet Lovers: Create a Unique Space or Your Four-Legged Friends

Keep you pets in mind next time you make a home improvement, and give them the space they deserve!

Are four-legged friends part of your family? Most of the time they are treated as if they are, so don’t they deserve a space to call their own? People make decisions on building and remodeling all of the time; however, most often the four-legged family members are not included in the plans. What if you could create a design that included pet friendly features that are not only beautiful but functional as well? Cabinetry is a wonderful way to provide pet friendly function to any room. There are three categories to keep in mind when integrating your pet into the design of your next home improvement. Pets, like humans, need a place to be bathed, to sleep, and to eat. These are three spaces that can easily be incorporated into rooms of your home while disguising their purpose.


Whether your dog is large or small, having a space to keep them clean is a necessity for year round grooming. Also, by giving them their own space, you are no longer having to fork up your sink or bathtub. One perfect place to include a pet grooming area is the laundry room. This is a room that is often hidden to guests and lacks carpet, which makes it the ideal place for bathing animals.



It’s pretty common that pets have their own bed, but is it just lying out in the living room floor? Why not incorporate an area for their bed to stay out of the way and in a pleasing aesthetic? A living/entertainment space or the kitchen is perfect for getting dogs and cats out of the way and in their own cozy corner!



Our four-legged friends have to eat just like humans! Create them an area for their food and water bowls to stay where they are out of the way of daily commotion. Feeding stations are perfect for the kitchen, laundry room, and other rooms of the home.

Cabinetry is a wonderful way to provide storage for all rooms and all needs, including pets, while making a room look spectacular. Although including animals in the plan can sometimes take a little customization, with Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.’s You Draw It Program, nearly anything is possible! No matter the size or personality of your fur baby, you are sure to find just what makes them happy!

Do your pets a favor and keep them in mind when building your home or doing your next remodel. For more ideas on how you can include your pet in the design of your home, go to www.wellborn.com.

Cool off your pet this summer with these fun ideas!

  • Check out Pinterest for some wonderful recipes on making “pup-sicles” that your dog will love!
  • Invest in a baby pool, or build one yourself for lazy poolside days with your pup!
  • Be sure your furry friend has plenty of shade to relax on those long hot summer days!
  • Install a doggy door! This way they can came and go as they please!

Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


Contemporary Design-Make It an Open Invitation

What comes to mind when you think of contemporary? Is it the distinctive element of hard, sleek lines? Maybe it’s the neutral, black, or white color palette that is often seen? Sometimes these characteristics along with others can make a space feel cold and off limits.

A home is a place that should feel welcoming and comfortable. So, what if you love contemporary design but want to make it more inviting for friends and family? Let’s check out a few ideas that can transform your contemporary rooms into a relaxed environment that makes everyone feel at home!


Lighting is an element that really has an impact on the environment of the room. Natural lighting is always a plus, so pulling back a few draperies can make a huge difference to your contemporary space. Lighting knocks off the coldness of a room’s environment, so let the natural light shine on those sunny days!

Warm Tones

Contemporary designs do not have to be painted black or white. In fact, a distinctive characteristic of contemporary designs is the horizontal lines which come perfectly through wood grains! A warm toned stain on top of a beautiful wood grain is the perfect way to create a contemporary design while creating a cozy environment!



Sometimes a pop of color is all a room needs to offer an open invitation to family and friends. The color can come through accessories such as pillows, picture frames, dishes, etc. That one accessory can be what attracts the eye of guests when they walk into your home which drives them to that room.


Factors other than just aesthetics can make a room welcoming. Remember walking into your grandparents house and smelling fresh apple pie which takes you straight to the kitchen? The same can be said for a candle or fragrance that adds a pleasing aroma to the room.


While convenience may not seem like a visual difference when it comes to the environment, it is definitely something that makes people gather in a space. Convenience, whether it is through technology, organization, etc., adds a pleasant element to the room.




Contemporary designs in open spaces are a huge plus when it comes to creating an environment that people gather in. Not only does it mean more space, but it means a larger design which can incorporate convenience factors such as technology.


As you can see, several factors can be taken into consideration when trying to give contemporary spaces a welcoming aesthetic for guests! It goes beyond visuals, so think outside of the box on ways you can make your home the go to place for the next neighborhood get together! Even having a cozy area makes family want to gather more frequently! Try out some of these tips in your contemporary spaces!

Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


How To: Use Cabinetry to Create Your Own Unique Space with You Draw It

There are so many ways that cabinetry can transform a home for reasons such as organization, storage, and function; however, what if your cabinetry did these things while giving your home a touch of your own personality? Unique cabinetry can take on roles such as color, technology, and almost unlimited options for customization. Your home is just that, a home. It’s time that it is a place that is unique to your individual personality!

To create your unique space, visit our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you!

Customize with You Draw It!

Maybe you want a unique item for your home. Maybe it goes beyond cabinetry. Our You Draw It Program makes almost anything possible! From custom hoods to benches and everything in between, you are sure to find something that will be unique to your home!


PET LOVERS!!! How about a special place for your fur baby? Not to mention this phenomenal pull out table!


Whatever your personality is, remember you are not only limited to accessories. Cabinetry can transform your home to be uniquely you!

To begin creating your customized cabinetry through our You Draw It program, click here for a Wellborn dealer near you!


What is your choice on color? Do you like the safe and calm of neutrals? Maybe you want to go all out with a color that is sentimental to you? Which ever displays your individuality, let it shine in your home.


Maybe color isn’t enough… maybe you should incorporate your hobby! Check out this awesome custom baker’s pantry! 


If you like neutrals but would like to add a splash of color, these furniture piece hutches with bead board back panels may be just for you!

KB15_MDS_CMP_HNTCHL2_300S 11.45.31 AM




With the ability to have technology as such a large part of our everyday life, why not take advantage of it? Technology can make even cabinets function more conveniently! Imagine the space that can be saved by being able to take advantage of the storage in those upper cabinets.

Best of KBIS2015 Product  Entry-2

Untitled design-10

With Pinterest and over sites rising in popularity, the use of devices such as iPads are being used for recipes! How perfect would this docking drawer be in the kitchen? You can charge devices and keep them safe!

Untitled design-11

 To create your unique space, visit our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you!

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Which Is Your Style? Inset Or Overlay?

Although you may have determined what your design style is, do you know what makes up that style? Is it a paint or stain? Is it defined by a little or a lot of detail? Is it inset into the face frame or does it overlay the face frame? Today, let’s talk about that last factor, inset or overlay.

The two type of overlay styles are traditional overlay and full overlay. Traditional overlay sits on top of the face frame exposing part of the face frame while the full overlay sits on top of the face frame and covers it completely.

Inset, however, sits inside the face frame. Inset often adds more detail to cabinetry because it can be beaded or non-beaded. If the inset cabinet is beaded, it contains a small gap that is cut into the face frame lining the cabinet door that adds detail to cabinetry (see photo below). The other element of detail that can come along with inset is the option of a barrel hinge or concealed hinge. Inset is seen as a classic look that will last for generations.

Harbour Door Style shown in Inset (beaded)
Harbour Door Style shown in Full Overlay
Harbour Door Style shown in Full Overlay
Harbour Door Style shown in Full Overlay
Harbour Door Style shown in Full Overlay


Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Traditional Overlay
Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Traditional Overlay

Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Inset
Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Inset non-beaded
Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Inset
Rose Hall Square Door Style shown in Inset non-beaded, concealed hinge
Wellington Door Style shown in Full Overlay
Wellington Door Style shown in Full Overlay

Wellington Door Style show in Inset
Wellington Door Style shown in Inset (beaded)
Hutch: Wellington Door Style shown in Inset
Hutch: Wellington Door Style shown in Inset beaded, barrel hinge

From the options above, do you prefer Inset, Traditonal Overlay, or Full Overlay? Do one of the style standout to you among the rest?

For more information on choosing your cabinet frames, check out this information from Better Homes & Gardens! http://ow.ly/LbbEW

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Designs and Styles of Kitchen Range Hoods

Designs & Styles of Kitchen Range Hoods

Designing a kitchen can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. It’s exciting to customize your kitchen to your own desires and needs, but it can also make your head spin to think about all of the options available to you. The following post tries to break down the designs and styles of kitchen range hoods to help you make your kitchen decorating decisions.

Mounting Styles

Range hoods are classified by how they are mounted in the kitchen. Range hoods fall into one of the following styles:

Wall Mount Range Hoods: These are mounted on the wall in the kitchen, right above the cooking surface. Ducted wall mount range hoods ventilate air to the outside of the home through ductwork. It’s common for a telescopic chimney to hide this ductwork.

Untitled design-4

Under Cabinet Range Hoods: These are also mounted on a wall in the kitchen and above the cooking surface. These are small units that fit directly beneath a kitchen cabinet. They take up less space than a wall mounted range hood, and they may ventilate air using ductwork that runs through the ceiling or the wall of the home.

Island Range Hoods: Island range hoods are mounted from the ceiling above a cooking surface on a kitchen island. These also include a telescopic decorative chimney to hide the ductwork. It’s common for island range hoods to become the main focal point of a kitchen design because of their position in the room.

Photo from Range Hoods Inc. Customer
Photo from Range Hoods Inc. Customer

Insert Liner Range Hoods: An insert liner range hood is a small model that is often covered up with a decorative range hood exterior. Insert liner range hoods can be hidden from view because of their size and the fact that the controls are on the bottom of the unit. These models usually come with lighting, just like other range hood models. Also, they may fit where an under cabinet range hood model would not.

Design Styles

In addition to mounting styles, range hoods differ stylistically. There is a range hood design out there for any kitchen type.

Copper Range Hoods: Copper range hoods add personality and warmth to a kitchen. The strapping and rivets create a rustic feel. These also fit in well in Tuscan kitchen designs.

Photo from Range Hoods Inc.
Photo from Range Hoods Inc.

Stainless steel: Most of the range hoods in the photos in this blog post have been stainless steel range hoods. Stainless steel is a great material for kitchen range hoods because it’s durable and it contributes to clean design.

Exterior range hoods: The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom range hood exteriors. You can purchase or create an exterior to cover an under cabinet range hood or an insert liner range hood. (See the example of an insert liner range hood above.)

Tempered Glass Canopy: Tempered glass adds another dimension to the kitchen design, and it looks great on both wall mounted range hoods and island range hoods. This can make a big splash on an island range hood, which can become the focal point of the kitchen design.

Photo from Range Hoods Inc
Photo from Range Hoods Inc

Range hoods remove heat, grease, smoke and smells from the kitchen during cooking. As the above examples show, the range hood can accomplish this job in style. Choose a range hood model that matches your personal style and your overall kitchen design scheme.

Author Bio

Range Hoods Inc is the largest online distributor of kitchen range hoods, and we house an impressive inventory in Southern California. Most of our range hood ship for free. You can learn more about us on our blog here and on our Facebook, Twitter or Google +.