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Why Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Embody Beauty and Style

Stark White cabinets will be a staple in kitchens far into the future; however, with the options of various glazes and finishing techniques, a warm inviting antique kitchen takes shape.  Whether you opt to have a monochromatic kitchen with the same color throughout or have a contrasting island, Wellborn Cabinet can bring to life whatever you dream up. With so many options, decision making can be daunting.  Thoroughly reviewing all available Kitchen Cabinet Ideas will help ensure you love your kitchen for years to come.

Large kitchen with antique white kitchen cabinets and a large white island
Island made in a Davenport Square style in Maple. Finished with Glacier paint and a Java glaze.

Are Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style?

Distressed antique white kitchen cabinets remind homeowners of a simpler time. Teeming with nostalgia, the uniqueness of each cabinet door and drawer provides the feeling of an inviting livable space. The number of classic door and hardware styles when paired with virtually any variation of an antique white give way to multiple design ideas. To see exactly what kitchen cabinet ideas are available through Wellborn Cabinet, request a catalog here.

antique white kitchen cabients
Galena Square door style (front and right side finished in Oyster White Java

What Color Countertops Go With Antique White Kitchen Cabinets?

Granite countertops continue to be a popular choice to pair with antique white cabinets because color options are so plentiful. of their ability to highlight the unique characteristics and colors of the cabinetry. Because Granite comes in so many color variations, your kitchen can take on multiple looks. Natural tones combined with black or darker shades provide a beautiful contrast with the timeless antique white. On the other hand, solid smooth wood-tone countertops bring out the warmth of antique white cabinets that may be lost in the understated beauty of the cabinetry. 

Pairing With An Island

When thinking of creating an antique white kitchen with an island, your options are not limited to one color. Using a kitchen island cabinet in a contrasting finish can be a simple and effective way to provide a balance between classic antique whites while providing a focal point in your kitchen. A crisp blue sets off the Divinity Java wall cabinetry in this space.

large kitchen with brick accent to white kitchen cabinets
Richmond door style in Divinity Java with a crisp ColorInspire blue on the island

Additionally, a cool green pairs well with Divinity Java perimeter cabinets to give a bright pop of color to this farmhouse kitchen.

kitchen with white cabinets and brick and green accents
Wellborn Cabinet’s Hanover door style in Maple finished in Divinity Java. The Island is Maple in our ColorInspire Tansy Green SW 6424.

An unexpected flowering of red on this island brings the entire room together. A huge window-front that allows the natural lighting inside to spotlight the creamy white of the wall cabinetry.

Hanover door style in ColorInspire Caliente (BM 290)

Finally, a wood tone island when paired with an antique white kitchen brings a homey warmth that is reminiscent of home.

Wellborn Cabinet’s Savannah door style finished in Divinity Java on the walls and the island is finished in Blush Java.

Accenting with Antique White Cabinetry

Combining a darker Espresso finish with Glacier Pewter creates a balance between light and dark. Classical kitchen cabinetry in the darker tone offsets the antique white tones in the perimeter cabinetry. Another way to make antique white the star of the show is to make the island stand out.  Surrounded by classic natural wood tones, a warm bright island brings out the beauty of the entire kitchen.

Using Glaze To Achieve A Distressed Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Look

Many times, whites and off-whites are not exactly the shade or tone that is required for the distressed antique white kitchen cabinets look. There are several finish techniques that can be useful when creating your dream kitchen.  Applying a glaze to the painted cabinets bridges that gap. The beauty of applying a glaze means that you can go as dark or light as you prefer.  Further antiquing your kitchen cabinetry by distressing the wood, like the door on the right below, gives you the feel of a rustic, lived-in, and inviting kitchen.

Looks We Love Using Antique White Cabinets

Use Off White Antique Kitchen Cabinets for a Rustic Kitchen

Antique white doesn’t mean one shade of white is exclusive to the title. Many times, the distressing and glaze add to the character of an all-wood cabinet. Choose kitchen decor to accentuate the natural beauty of the lines and character in the wood. Copper farmhouse sinks, delicate pendant lighting, and rustic hardware marry together for a traditional farmhouse look. Alternatively, a porcelain farmhouse sink combined with dark kitchen countertops provides elegance and a new take on the farmhouse look when paired with a multi-colored complementary tile backsplash.

White Antique Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Flooring

When your white kitchen cabinets need to be the absolute gem in the kitchen, choose a contrasting dark floor finish to make your cabinetry really pop.  Darker wooden floors or tiles create a traditional look while accentuating the white cabinetry.  Bringing in coordinating beams on the ceiling creates a cohesive, put-together space,allowing the antique white cabinetry to shine.

Choosing The Style That Is Right For You

There are multitudes of ways to incorporate antique white kitchen cabinets into your home.  From integrating them into your island and using a wood tone for the wall cabinetry to adding a pop of color to the island for intrigue to the wall cabinetry, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  Accessories and floor choices also play a huge part in creating the overall look you want to achieve.  Being in love with your space furthers the truth that the kitchen is truly the heart of your home. For more information on any of these gorgeous kitchens, please visit Wellborn Cabinet to request a catalog or find a local dealer near you.

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  3. Hello,
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