white kitchen cabinets with black hardware
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White Cabinets with Black Hardware: Trends We Love

Farmhouse and minimalist kitchen designs are very popular. These trending designs lend themselves towards painted cabinetry and Wellborn Cabinet attributes 50% of our painted cabinetry sales to white finishes.  In fact, we have an entire paint room dedicated only to our Glacier White finish. The benefit of having a clean slate is that you can choose whatever hardware you desire to accentuate your space. Oil rubbed bronze helps bring out a more farmhouse or classic look, while black hardware creates a minimalist and sleek look. The beauty of an all white kitchen is that the kitchen cabinet ideas are limitless. 

If you have a U-shape, L-shape, open concept, or galley kitchen, the crisp lines of a white door in any door style will help open up the space and give you a world of ideas for hardware and appliances. 

Choosing The Right White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware For Your Style

Most homeowners and designers opt for a classic door style when pairing them with black hardware.  Whether the decision for the hardware is a matte black or metallic, both have a look that will last for the life of the cabinetry and home.  They also transition well for appliances, decorations, and other trends. If you’re looking for a more farmhouse style, a shaker door with a classic drawer front is an excellent way to go. It will pair with darker hardware and provide a country, down-home feel.

Wellborn Cabinet’s style browser will give you more inspiration for your next remodel or new home. 

Try White Shaker Cabinets With Black Hardware For a Timeless Look

Shaker style cabinetry can provide a variety of looks that will give your home versatility for years to come. By simply adjusting your cabinet hardware, you can create different design styles without refacing your cabinets. Interior designers often opt for a shaker door style because of its ability to last with the homeowner’s changing tastes. A simple change of hardware years down the road can help you retain your cabinetry yet achieve an entirely new look.  Below, you’ll see that shaker style cabinetry can be anything from cozy farmhouse to sleek and modern.  

black cabinet pulls

Our Hanover door style in Character Maple finished in Divinity with a Java glaze brings a warm classic look to this smaller L-shaped kitchen area. The differing hardware shapes are intentional. Since the drawers are a slab style, a sleek hardware design is minimalist for functionality.  The shaker style Hanover cabinetry is complimented with a more intricate knob that only emphasizes the beauty of the kitchen. 

white kitchen cabinets with black hardware and brown island

Another shaker style, our Prairie door style in Maple with a Divinity finish, shows the versatility of a white cabinet with dark hardware. This kitchen is a perfect example of sleek and modern while providing functionality. 

white kitchen cabinet with black hardware

Our Hanover door style with slab front drawers in Maple are beautifully finished in Bright White.  This is yet another reason why shaker style doors are so easily paired with any hardware in almost any space. The dark hardware is so versatile that it completes the galley style kitchen for both the Bright White and the island in the darker Drift stain.  

Frequently Asked Questions About White Cabinets & Black Hardware

What hardware looks best on white cabinets? 

A variety of hardware, from pulls to knobs will be aesthetically pleasing on white cabinetry.  The greatest thing about white cabinets is that any shape pull or knob will work depending on the style of kitchen you are dreaming of. Although we have discussed the timeless black hardware, gold and oil rubbed bronze are also popular choices and will give you the ability to accessorize your cabinets as you wish. 

Should the faucet match cabinet hardware? 

Many homeowners assume that the faucet must match the kitchen cabinet hardware.  This is not the case.  You absolutely can mix and match the finishes for a contrasting look.  The only concern you should have is that your kitchen makes you happy and is functional. 

Do black appliances go with white cabinets? 

Black appliances pair well with black hardware on white kitchen cabinets because they compliment each other. The same could be said for stainless steel appliances as they provide a timeless look. Whether you opt for a matte black or metallic finish hardware, either appliance color will work well alongside white kitchen cabinets. 

white kitchen cabinets with black hardware and wood island

No matter the choice of cabinetry color, hardware style, or appliance color, your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer can help you choose the perfect layout, white cabinetry, and black hardware for your dream kitchen. 

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