wall mount vanities

Maximizing Space with Wall Mount Vanities

Wall Mount Vanities are a clean and modern feature in Residential Design that makes a room more functional and spacious. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. offers many standard size Wall Mount Vanities, but vanities can also be customized in our You Draw It program giving homeowners the ability to create their own design. Wall Mount Vanities vary in storage space depending on the size and customization of the vanity, but are seen in Powder Rooms, Master Bathrooms and even Dining Rooms.

wall mount vanity in green

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. offers this beautiful two drawer wall mounted vanity. It is simple and perfect for a smaller space such as a Powder Room. It provides a seamless look against the wall giving this room a spacious and clean appearance, but still supplying the room with storage space.

Modena floating cabinetry is a design style under Elegant Bath Collection. Elegant Bath Collection is an extensive collection of Designer vanity suites, Basic vanities and accessories in our most popular door styles and finishes, offering both Inset and Overlay doors.

floating vanity with wood veneer finish

This Master Bathroom wall mounted vanity gives the room increased amounts of storage space, while saving floor space. The floating effect of this vanity gives the room a more spacious look.

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  1. How long does it take to get Wellborn cabinets?

    1. Collin Barnwell says:

      Jean – you can order your Wellborn Cabinets from a local dealer. Your dealer can better anticipate when you can receive your cabinets.

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