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DIY Chalk Paint – Is It Really the Best Answer?

Do It Yourself (DIY) chalk paint cabinets are a growing trend embracing a more rustic, character-rich antique element. Wellborn Cabinet offers a variety of Finish Techniques that have a similar look and feel of a reclaimed piece with the durability and quality of heirloom craftsmanship. Before painting your kitchen cabinetry, talk to your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer about installing new kitchen cabinets that come with a finish technique mimicking the look of chalk painted cabinetry.

Finish Techniques – a DIY chalk paint look alike

Wellborn Cabinet offers several Finish Techniques that create different levels of depth and worn appearances. These finish techniques portray a well-loved, heirloom furniture piece that shows distinctive signs of age. They are meant to look like a piece of furniture that has been tucked away in an attic or warehouse and is now being repurposed with all its beautiful age and character marks. These worn finishes aren’t limited to the farmhouse design style. They work well with contemporary, luxurious spaces, cottage styling, and transitional styling.

Antique finish technique

finish technique for aged chalk paint finish
Wellborn Cabinet’s Antique Finish Technique

The Antique finish is accompanied by the slogan, “Aged with Care.” Antique features burnishing, rub through, small dents, and wormholes. The Antique finish technique will vary within individual doors; therefore, no two doors will be alike throughout the entire kitchen. It can make a space a cozy lodge, a luxe bathroom, or a contemporary kitchen.

purple hutch diy chalk paint look a like
Madison Square, Maple, Sherwin Williams Mature Grape (6286), Antique finish technique

Brush Finish finish technique

finish technique for brushed finish
Wellborn Cabinet’s Brush Finish technique

“Hint of Brush Strokes” is the name with the Brush Finish technique. This hand-applied technique features a hand-applied glaze with subtle brush stroke overlaying the paint providing a depth to the finish not seen in standard glazing. With a special application of the Fawn glaze on top of the paint, creating the perfect addition to any door style.

white kitchen cabinet with rustic diy chalk paint bruched finish
Wellington Inset, Maple, Glacier Fawn, Brush Finish technique

Heirloom finish technique

Heirloom’s “Family Heritage” features burnishing, small dents, and wormholes. The Heirloom finish creates a perfect focal point to tie in the overall design of the kitchen. This finish technique pairs well with textured elements. The subtle distressed look combines soft and cozy with the old and the new. The Heirloom Finish gives the kitchen a slightly antiqued look and provides a unique repurposed atmosphere.

finish technique for heirloom chalk paint finish
Wellborn Cabinet’s Heirloom finish technique

Olde World finish technique

finish technique for artisan chalk paint appearance
Wellborn Cabinet’s Olde World finish technique

Olde World’s “Artisan Finish” features burnishing, rub through, wormholes, dry brush glazing, carved edges, small-medium dents, and rasping. Over time, a well-loved painted furniture piece will show distinctive signs of wear and tear. Each chip and dent tell the story of its history through layers of paint. With its beautifully aged surface and carved edges, our Olde World finish is designed to resemble a cherished family heirloom.

stained kitchen cabinetry with heirloom finish
Modesto Inset, Sandia, Wellington, Maple and Oak, Gauntlet Java, Saddle, Shale and Olde World finish technique

Vintage finish technique

“Time Worn Appearance” of the Vintage finish technique features rub through. Rustic, character-rich woods and equally rustic finishes are notable features of the Vintage finish. Door styles are full of natural character and can have an aged or worn appearance. Vintage accentuates the details of the door. The rub through process helps create an antiqued appearance with beautiful dimension and depth.

finish technique for worn appearance
Wellborn Cabinet’s Vintage finish technique

Infuse personality into any room and create sophisticated compositions with an array of on-trend finish techniques by Wellborn Cabinet. 

Although chalk paint is growing in popularity among the DIY community, it is not as durable as its professional counterpart. DIY chalk paint cabinets, if not sealed properly, will chip, crack, and scuff very easily, leading to damage to the cabinet material. Save yourself time and money by considering Wellborn Cabinet’s Finish Techniques and talk to your local Wellborn dealer.

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