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Wellborn Cabinet Hosts the CPA

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. was proud to host the Manufacturing Plant Tour and Trade Policy Forum for the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA). The CPA plant tour allowed members to discuss an America that wins the global competition for good jobs and industries through innovative strategies and achieve broadly shared prosperity.

The tour of Wellborn’s facility included stops at ten stations where the groups were educated about the work that is performed daily. At the tour’s conclusion, Paul Wellborn and staff hosted the CPA members for lunch onsite at their training facility. During the luncheon, four presenters discussed the latest developments in international trade policy and how the U.S. industry can be restored with the right public policy.

Key Takeaways From the Forum

Brad Winnings, COO of MadeInAmerica.com, began by sharing why American-made products are important. “As I tour the Wellborn plant, I saw every square inch of this place with Paul Wellborn and met over 100 happy employees. Wellborn Cabinet is truly a family of employees.”

“Some call it evolution, we call it revolution.” – Brad Winnings, COO of MadeInAmerica.com

The CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America, Micheal Stumo, spoke about the severe threat that foreign manufacturers are imposing our nation. “American’s do not realize that they are funding China’s rise with our consumer market.” He encouraged everyone to join the CPA and advocate for the future our nation.

Stumo went on to say, “even though manufacturers have stepped up to fight, their voices aren’t loud enough to cause real change. That’s why the CPA exists. We fight against the trade cheaters and seek to bring back what was once lost.”

As the event came to an end, Mark Taylor, Engineer at Taylor Fence, Inc., asked the panel members what his small business can do to elevate the pressures of foreign trade. Every panel member gave recommendations and solutions to his issues.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 4.1 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing, and labor members. The CPA is working for a new and positive U.S. trade policy that delivers prosperity and security to America, its citizens, farms, factories, and working people.

Wellborn Cabinet is a proud member of the CPA and hopes to protect our family of hardworking employees and to ensure the growth of our company. Wellborn Cabinet has been a producer of high-quality American-made cabinetry in our community for over 58 years.

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