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6 Things You Need To Replace In Order To Renovate Your Bathroom

When it comes to renovating one of the most important rooms of your house, i.e. bathroom, the procedure must be taken care of very minutely. After all, this is the place which determines your level of hygiene.

Bathroom makeovers can be quite nerve wracking. Your bathroom can be a big one or a small one. A considerable amount of planning is required for remodeling one, no matter what the square foot of the area is. Starting from the kind of sanitary ware you will install to the size of bathroom vanity cabinets, everything matters. Contacting an interior decorator will be a smart decision.


However, let me take you through a few important parts of a bathroom renovation. Take a look.

  • Floor tiles – Well, you just cannot compromise with the quality of the tiles that you will ask the contractors to install for your bathroom. Replace the old cracked tiles with slip-resistant tiles for the flooring. Since bathrooms remain wet most of the times, slippery floors can lead to major accidents. For the walls, you can opt for normal tiles. Since you are renovating the entire bathroom for the better, it is smarter if you invest a little more and install tiles of high quality. If your tiles are of inferior quality, water leakages will cause a lot of problems. Also, leaking walls and tiles are a den for fungus, mold, and mildew which can hamper your health in a lot of ways.
  • Luxury sanitary wares–We all dream of a luxurious bathroom. Gone are the days of sanitary ware where only comfort and usage purpose were considered. Now, bath ware or sanitary ware should not only be comfortable to use but also look expensive and classy. People have this misconception that luxury bath ware means a huge decrease in the current bank balance. No, if you research carefully you can get stylish and user-friendly bath were at affordable prices. Opt for a reputed brand that has been into the bath and sanitary ware manufacturing for a long time. Buy beautiful and stylish bathtubs, shower heads (which can include a massage shower head or a rain shower head), shower enclosures, etc.


  • Wallpapers – If you want your bathroom to have a designer look, opt for wallpapers on the walls. Nowadays, wallpapers are available in a variety of colors and textures. Install one in your bathroom for completing the look. Wallpapers can make your bathroom look extremely stylish.
  • Bathroom vanity – Perhaps the most important part of remodeling a bathroom is choosing the right bathroom vanity. It is the most prominent feature of a bathroom and can add a class to your bathroom. If the old cabinet has got marks or dents on it, damp at places, eradicate it. Buy a new Choosing bathroom vanity cabinets can be quite a task. It depends on how many drawers you need and what items you would keep in them if you need double sinks or a single one is enough to serve your purpose, etc. Opt for a reputed company who is into cabinets manufacturing business for quite some time. Wellborn Cabinet features many product lines that offer cabinetry for every room. With their Elegant Bath Collection, you have the opportunity to pick from over 30,000 door styles, wood species and finish combinations. Also, semi-custom options are available for more design flexibility.
  • Lighting – As we all know, lighting can change the look and feel of a place like anything. Replace the old ones and install decorative, modern day bathroom lighting.
  • Other things that need attention as well – Other things that form a part of your bathroom like a large mirror, shower curtains, etc must be changed as well.

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An affordable bathroom remodel is possible for most renovation jobs. Check out our recent article on accomplishing an affordable bathroom remodel with 10 tips.

Bio: Sean Graham is a lifestyle blogger and here he has given tips on remodeling bathrooms by using wallpapers, lights, wallpapers, bathroom vanity cabinets, etc. Buy bathroom vanity from companies who also sell kitchen cabinets wholesale.

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  1. Liv Smith says:

    I think it’s interesting that you talked about checking the lighting in the bathroom. I’ve been renovating my bathroom but I felt I was forgetting something and I just realized the kind of lamps I have are not the best ones for a bathroom, especially if you like it to be really bright in there. I’ll remember to look into changing my lights, thank you for the tips.

  2. Emma Clemantine says:

    All the tips are really helpful for me, As I am planning for the renovation of my powder room but I was not sure where I should start so searching for some idea and I got your blog and finally now I have an idea to start my work. Thank You

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  4. Houston area home builder says:

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