Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2016

The Wellborn KBIS booth was built on many early mornings and late night coffee runs. The Wellborn truck drivers ventured out to Las Vegas two weeks before the show, and the display crew followed right behind, flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. It took countless hours to perfect every detail on the sets making them show ready for the excited viewers who were eagerly waiting for opening day. The marketing department arrived a few days before the show to set up accessories, prop the booth, and assemble the media kits and flyers. After the setup was complete, it was time to get a good night’s rest for day 1 of KBIS, which started at 9 a.m. sharp!

With the vast amount of dealers, designers, builders and suppliers, Wellborn’s booth was crowded from 9-5. Various companies and customers viewed our new products and designs, and Wellborn Cabinet was ready with numerous new displays that presented several design trends for 2016 and 2017.

With 531 exhibitors this year, people scrambled from booth to booth to see all of the latest products and designs in the kitchen and bath industry.

We, as exhibitors, were just as excited as the consumers to showcase our new products and answer the question we love to be asked, “Why Wellborn?”

It was invigorating to watch our guest’s eyes light up as we presented our new products. In addition to our new designs, we were also able to debut our new full access frameless line, Aspire Cabinetry.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. presented many new products, lines and technology to KBIS this year, while obtaining encouraging feedback from our audiences. We envision endless opportunities for the future and hope that you will join us for the ride!

If you did not get a chance to attend KBIS, we will help guide you step by step through our 2016 KBIS booth! Enjoy the beauty inside Wellborn!

Vignette 1:

We have our door style Cortland on Maple. As part of our ColorInspire program, the color is called Espalier green from Sherwin Williams. This is an eclectic design that include raised panels as well as recessed panels.

Vignette 1


In this vignette, we have stacked wall cabinets, open shelving cabinetry, cutlery accessory pull-out from Rev-A-Shelf, cutlery drawers, silverware drawer and deep pots and pans drawers.



CRT_MPL_CDF_CI7_300LCRT_MPL_CDF_CI5_300LCRT_MPL_CDF_CI4_300L           pots and pans drawer

*Please Note, due to different screen resolutions the Espalier Green color may not appear accurate.  Visit a Sherman Williams store or supplier to view the color swatch.  Any ColorInspire orders require a sample door order.

Vignette 11:

In this vignette, we introduced one of our new Medium Density Fiberboard door styles called Trestle, along with our new white paint, Porcelain.

Porcelain is a white paint with gray undertone, very similar to what designers call a Gallery White.

Set 11- Porcelain


We have our accessory wall cabinet, with a raised Blum mechanism built inside, interior cutlery and spice drawer accessory, pots and pans tiered pull-out drawer, and a pots and pans drawer with a hidden rollout shelf for shallow goods.





Aspire Cabinetry

Our new frameless line of cabinetry will provide more room for storage and accessibility. This line is planned to launch in 2017. Aspire will include wood, textured melamine and metal. It will have extensive amounts of stain and paint colors in metals and melamine door materials.


Aspire Picture

Vignette 13:

This vignette door style is Wellington. This is an ArtDeco Asian inspired design showing the possibilities of Wellborn Cabinetry with different themes, orientations, depths, ideas and insets. This is our new Natural Cherry for 2016 with a slate glaze.



In these wall cabinets, you can see where the crown molding was flipped upside down for a different aesthetic application. The cabinetry is also reversed with doors up top and drawers at the bottom.

flipped mouldingflipped cabinets

Vignette 21:

As part of Our Whole Home Design vignettes, we have our Winslow on Oak door style with Dove paint with a Pewter glaze. The darker drawers are Winslow door style on Oak in Shadow with a Pewter glaze.



This area is considered a pet center/utility or laundry room. The two You Draw It cabinet towers both play a different role within the room. One is custom made for a medium to large dog and features an open area for a bed, along with a touch to open drawer that houses the dog’s bowls. To the right of the pet center is a utility cabinet. The tall utility cabinet has pocket doors that slide back to access a washer or dryer or washer and dryer combo. A shelf was constructed to store laundry detergent, dryer towels, etc. The cabinet constructed up top, holds cleaners and laundry.



Vignette 19.1:

This vignette shows that even a 42” base can act as an island in any small area. The island has finished end panels and a peninsula back so both the storage is accessible from either side of the cabinetry. The door style is Sandia on Hickory wood species. The paint is Dove with a Pewter glaze.


Vignette 19:

The cabinetry is from the Estate Series; the color is Drift with a Pewter glaze. The door style is called Sandia on Oak wood species. The peninsula portion of this kitchen that hold the cooktop was a custom creation through our You Draw It program and features glass inset doors lit with LED puck lighting that provides a beautiful contemporary look.



We have accessory drawers with glass fronts, base pots and pans pull-out with a blind corner pull-out, deep pots and pans drawer, base stainless steel peg pullout drawer and an accessory drawer pull-out.



Utensil drawer.jpg



Vignette 20:

This vignette has our Winslow door style on Maple wood species. The stain is Shadow with a Pewter glaze. It is referred to as Cascading Drawers because, as you can see, the drawers cascade down. This is an example of a different application where we wrapped edge banded shelving around the cabinetry to give it more of a contemporary feel.


Vignette 18:

This is our seating area (banquette) for anything from lounging around the home to an accessory eating or entertaining area. The door style is Chelsea on Oak species painted with Dove then topped with a Pewter glaze.


Vignette 17:

We are showcasing an application of furniture drawer, utility height cabinets used in a hallway for accessible storage. The door style is Hanover; the wood species is Maple. The paint is Dove with a Bronze glaze. This vignette showcases 3 and 4 deep drawers.



Vignette 16:

This beautiful Modena vanity has Geneva door styles on Maple wood wrapped in our New Natural Cherry. This is part of our ColorInspire program where we used Twilight Purple from Valspar. The wrapping of the cabinetry gave the room a contemporary feel. It showed the contrast between paint and wood. Below the vanity is a custom built New Natural Cherry floating shelf with L&S LED Lighting. The shelf provides room for storage underneath the vanity.


*Please Note, due to different screen resolutions the Espalier Green color may not appear accurate.  Visit a Sherman Williams store or supplier to view the color swatch.  Any ColorInspire orders require a sample door order.

Vignette 15:

As part of our Whole Home Design solutions, we have our Creative Cave. The door style is Bishop. The paint is called Bleu from our Premier Series line. This room is designed for you and your spouse to spend quality time together while working on your favorite hobbies.



Located in this vignette, is a tall cabinet to store your collections, a cabinet to hold your sewing products and a wrapping paper holder. The rolling tool cart was constructed with our Palermo door style with built in castors, so it can roll around for his or her hobby needs.

BSP_MDF_BLU2 _300L.jpgBSP_MDF_BLU3_300L.jpg


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