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Aspire Cabinetry

Discover the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry offered by Wellborn Cabinet.

Purchasing cabinetry is a significant investment that will remain in the home for years. There are two main options when purchasing cabinetry: framed or frameless. For years, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. only offered one of those options, but now the time has come to broaden our choices to better fit our customers’ needs.

At KBIS 2016, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. announced that we will be launching our new frameless line, Aspire Cabinetry, in 2017. Aspire will be a full access frameless cabinet brand that will help bring the sleek, crisp contemporary look in the home. Frameless not only provides a modern look, but it can still offer a traditional style without having to add the extra frame on the cabinetry. Frameless cabinetry is suitable for all design styles.

Framed Cabinetry vs. Frameless Cabinetry

Framed cabinetry provides a more traditional and transitional style. In the past, framed has been the most popular style of cabinetry in the United States because of its endless variety and durability. The trends have begun to shift, and frameless cabinetry is now an option that most homeowners are considering. Wellborn offers endless possibilities of framed cabinetry between our lines, Estate Series, Premier Series, Select Series, Home Concepts, and Elegant Bath Collection.

According to the name, frameless cabinetry is constructed without a face frame. Frameless cabinetry provides more storage and accessibility in a cabinet since there is no center stile separating the two cabinet doors. Therefore the drawers in frameless cabinetry have more storage space due to the lack of a face frame. Aspire adds the finishing touch to our product offering.


Framed Cabinetry

The standard face frame for the Wellborn doors is ¾” x 1 ¾” Kiln-dried solid wood stile and rail members. The center stiles are ¾” x 3 ½” solid wood. On all corner base and corner wall cabinets, the center stiles are ¾” x 6 ½” solid wood. 48” corner base has a 9 ½” center stile. All face frame joints are precisely aligned with blind mortise and tenon, glued and stapled at all joints.

framed cabinet construction
Framed Cabinetry Construction
Frameless Cabinetry

Frameless cabinetry is constructed without the face frame located at the front of the cabinet. The logical reasoning behind this idea was to provide more room for accessibility and storage. The cabinet construction is ¾” thick thermofused melamine end panels, shelves, tops, and cabinet bottoms. All the doors have a fully concealed Euro cup hinges with six-way adjustability. The doors contain a self-closing soft close feature, for that ever so quite close. Wellborn Cabinet’s brand will offer two drawer options: a 5/8 solid wood dovetail drawer with a natural finish and a double-sided metal drawer with powder coated steel in silver color.

frameless cabinet construction
frameless cabinet construction
Frameless Cabinetry Construction

Advantages of Frameless Cabinetry

  • Storage – without the face frame, frameless cabinets, provide more storage
  • Contemporary look – the European style cabinetry gives the home a more modern appeal
  • Quick Construction – the frameless cabinets provide more immediate construction and installation

We have exciting plans for this brand, and we cannot wait to see where this takes us in the future. As we travel on this journey, we invite you to follow along as we introduce the Aspire Cabinetry line. We envision an incredible outcome for our company!

Aspire full access frameless cabinetry

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