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How To: Turn Your Inspiration Into Reality Through Color

You don’t have to be an artist to be inspired. Inspiration actually happens in real everyday life for everyone, if the time is taken to acknowledge it.


Step 1: Discover your inspiration. 

Maybe your inspiration comes from something sentimental such as your grandmothers kitchen wallpaper that you spent hours looking at while helping her bake your favorite pie. Maybe it stems from nature such as the ocean or a flower that you watch bloom every spring. It could be something as simple as a bright red front door on a house that you pass everyday going to work. Whatever your inspiration is rooted from, there are ways to bring it to life in your own home.

Step 2: Choose where to display.

Inspiration can be displayed in all kinds of ways throughout a home. It can be as extreme as a wall color or cabinet color and as minor as a few small decorations. If you are really inspired, maybe give a room a motif to carry out your inspiration through several details. Craft rooms, offices, kitchens, and bathrooms are a few rooms that are perfect for inspiration. A wonderful example of inspiration put to use in a little girl’s bathroom is the shown below.

Color911 - Cabinets Salmon small

Step 3: Choose a color.

When choosing a color, it is important to pick something that won’t get old fast. This may be easier said than done considering even the brightest of colors are exciting for the first few months. If you have any doubts about such dramatic change, start small. Pull the color into the design through small details. Sometimes an accent wall will do the trick. Sometimes it’s okay to go over the top with color. After choosing a location, decide the color and how much of it you want displayed. Below are a few ways that color can be minimal or maximal.  Basically, if you love it, go for it.

Beach themed houses are characterized by the color you see when you walk in. This coastal kitchen piece shown below is sure to catch every eye.
The beaded board back panel of this furniture piece displays a pale blue. This hint of color changes the feel of the entire piece.
The beaded board back panel of this furniture piece displays a light yellow. This hint of color spruces up this rustic furniture piece.
The beaded board back panel of the hutch in the center of the wall is painted a beautiful blue. When put together with the other two furniture pieces, you can really see how accents are a perfect way to display colors and inspiration.

Step 4: Do it and Enjoy it.

Make your inspiration happen! After making all of the decisions, it is time to get to work. After the process is complete, sit back and look at the masterpiece and story that you have created.

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Ashley Robinson, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist

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