Whole Home Design Week

This week we are discussing Whole Home Design and illustrating how Wellborn Cabinetry can be used in every room of your home and sharing our ideas  – design ideas from our dealers and other resources.

You might ask, “Why does Whole Home Design Matter to me?”.  If any of the statements below are a major concern to you while building or remodeling then you need to consider “Whole Home Design”.

  • work with fewer suppliers for cabinetry and storage needs
  • create design consistency
  • organized spaces is a must
  • maximize space (every inch of space is important)
  • design smarter in all ways
  • designing for the future – aging in place
  • own a quality product that lasts
Media Center, Desk Space, Storage, Open Display Area and Wainscoting all by Wellborn create a consistent design theme, utilizes a 10″ x 15″ space efficiently and it’s all built in the USA.

So join us here and across all our social sites for a look into Whole Home Design and how this concept can help you design spaces that are made just for you!


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