Houzz Call – Cabinetry Creations with Wellborn Cabinet

Houzz is an excellent tool for our industry – a wonderful place to showcase your work and gather potential leads & share your customer reviews.

I love to share some of the Wellborn Cabinet Creations I find as I review the site weekly. This week I just had to share a kitchen designed by Cecile Cote – a precious design featuring our Hanover Maple Door Style finished in Glacier White. Even though the color scheme is basically all white – there is a softness about the space  – maybe the open cabinets, maybe the soft colors of the decor or the warm toned wood flooring – whatever it is  – it’s inviting and simply perfect.




This bright, modern kitchen designed by Nassau Suffolk Lumber’s Cecile Cote features Wellborn Cabinet’s Hanover shaker-style door in Glacier White.

Gray: Edition 1: Too Many Color Stories to Tell

One of the hot hues right now is Gray – cool gray – warm gray – medium gray  – just gray! As we “work/play on Pinterest” we found a calming and quite enchanting gray comrade  – Orange……  And we thought we would share a few of our fun finds. Enjoy!









Check out our latest Gray  – Willow (Available with Bronze and Slate Glazes)



Stay Connected and Inspired with Social Media

One of the most rewarding aspects of Social Media is the connections that you make along your journey. The interesting thing about these connections is that they are from all over the world, different industries and at times even our own competitors, we all want to share our knowledge and experiences not only to promote ourselves — but to learn and grow more in our businesses and as individuals.

One of the wonderful connections that we have made along the way is Konstadina; an interior designer from Greece who’s unique stylist abilities on Olioboard and her blog captured our attention. Not only does Konstadina promote herself very well across Social Sites she fully embraces the fact that connections are key to learning, growing and nurturing your online presence.


Konstadina created a few Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Olioboards gathering images from our website and other sources to accessorize the spaces. We just had to share!

OB-mmmI love her two kitchen setting choices with “Accents of Color” on the Islands. The island is a perfect place to add that “Dash of Color” that will truly personalize your kitchen.

Details, Details and more Details 

While styles may come and go, there are certain details that people will still want to add to create a style all their own!


Bookcases or Open Shelving, Mullion Doors, Interior Storage Solutions and Drawers for every space possible!

Plate Racks, Cup Holders, Wine Glass Holders  – cabinetry created to make life easier and beautiful!



Author Bio:

My name is Κonstadina Nastou. I live in Greece and I am an interior designer but I prefer interior stylist.
I have worked with architects and civil engineers mainly in the design part of an architectural study.
I am really excited with the products of Wellborn Cabinet, even more so since it is a family run business. With the companyʼs products we are able to design the kitchen that we dream of, adapted to the needs and necessities of each household. The possibilities though do not stop in the kitchen area; any room in the house requiring cabinets can be thoroughly addressed by the companyʼs products.


Come Home to Style at Nantucket South


Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with Hoffman Media on the NANTUCKET SOUTH home located in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Hoffman Media established and maintains several nationally recognized magazines such as Cooking with Paula Deen and Victoria.

Wellborn’s cabinetry is beautifully featured throughout the home. Rooms include the kitchen, pantry, laundry/craft room, master closet and bath, and upstairs baths.

Simple Details Command a Grand Design – Beam Work, Dark Stained Hardwood Floors, Bench Seating and a Revived Farm Table with our cabinetry create a one of a kind kitchen! Shown:Glacier White on our Melrose Maple Inset Door Style.
Door Style: Bridgeport
Species: Maple
Finish: Sage Mocha

EricKitchen861SA_LR EricKitchen864SA_LR EricKitchen872SA_LR EricKitchen892SA_LR

Each room will be featured in the magazines and issues listed below.

 CELEBRATE: September / October Issue featuring craft room  November/December   featuring dining area/wet bar

COOKING WITH PAULA DEEN: September/October Issue featuring kitchen

 COTTAGE JOURNAL: Winter Issue featuring all rooms

SOUTHERN LADY: November/December Issue featuring kitchen

TASTE OF THE SOUTH: December Issue featuring pantry

VICTORIA: November/December Issue featuring  master closet/bath

Stay tuned for more images & video from Nantucket South!

5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When You Are Trying to Sell Your Home

Most of us – unless you are already an expert in selling property – will require the services of a real estate agent to sell our home for us. Although they will take a percentage of the sale, they will also give you an accurate idea of how much your house could sell for, and they will be able to get a much wider range of potential buyers into see your home than you possibly could. Like with every other industry in the world, some companies in the field of property agencies are better than others. Here are a few things to make sure you ask your potential real estate agent.

1) How much do they think your home will go for on the market?

Get a variety of real estate agents to come in and look at your property. The more quotes you get for how much it will go for on the market, the more you’ll get a sense of what it will actually go for. Ambitious real estate agents will offer more, but will probably ask you to take a lower offer when no one is willing to pay the price they originally quoted. When moving to a new home and selling the old one, it is important to go with the real estate agent who is quoting you the most realistic figure – not the one that is offering you the highest.

5 Questions to Ask an Estate Agent2

2) What is their track record in selling properties?

Whether you want your house sold a.s.a.p. or you are willing to be patient and wait for the right offer, it is important to know how successful agents are at (a) selling houses and (b) getting offers closest to the asking price. If they have a notoriously bad track record, then you could be waiting for months, if not years, to sell your home, and even when you do you may still have to sell it less than you originally wanted to.

3) What professional organizations are they members of?

All real estate agents should be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) or a similar one.


They should proudly tell you if they are. The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Model Bylaws, MLS Handbook, and other policies are to be followed and with it comes a level of professionalism. If they are not a member, then it is best to stay far away. Go with a real estate agent or agency that is locally or nationally recognized, reliable, and professional.

4)      What is their rate?

Real estate agents will charge from 1% all the way up to 3% of the price of your home if they sell it. It is important to remember that, as they are negotiators themselves, their rates are negotiable. So if you like a haggle, then try and get their rates down lower than they already are. If a real estate agent is offering a particular low-rate, say 0.5% or 1%, you need to ask yourself why they are charging such a low rate: is it because they are a new company and want to get their business of the ground? Or is it because they are simply not that good at what they do?

5) How will it promote your property?

An online example
An online example

The best way to get the offer you desire is to promote your property. And the best way to promote your property is to hire a real estate agent. Ask them how they plan to promote your property. Are they actively going to be suggesting it to customers coming into the store, or are they just going to sit back and let it sell themselves? Will they plan advertising out in property literature or internet sites? Or do they just plan to display in their shop window? Knowing their plan of action will lead you to make a decision which you are more informed on.

About our guest blogger:

Ella Andrews is a dedicated writer and blogger, who has an exceptional flair for home improving and home maintenance projects. She is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Presently she contributes articles mainly on  house selling/buying thematic, as this is what motivates her most.