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Shoe Storage As Command Central

By: Denise Butchko

Shoe storage – and the location of shoe storage – is always at the top of a clients’ list when it comes to designing their closet space.


So here’s what I recommend after figuring out where to store over 5000 pair of shoes (it’s really closer to a million, but who’s counting?) during my career as a closet designer:



While it’s true that we (women) may decide on the shoes we want to wear and then build our outfit around that, the shoes are typically the last clothing item we put on.


So I design from the perspective of last on – first off (because shoe’s are typically the first item of clothing we remove when we get home). That translates to having some shoe storage close to the entrance of a closet space so it’s easy to put those shoes back where they belong (instead of kicking them off on the floor and having them be in the way).

One of my favorite ways to do this is to use a configuration called “Half and Half” (coffee, anyone?). That is a short hang rod with shelving above it.

First of all, as a woman of great height (61” in all), I love being able to easily see and reach the items I wear the most.  It’s that 80/20 rule.  This section often becomes “command central” because the garments and shoes that you grab most of the time live in this section for easy access.

If the return wall is too shallow in a walk in closet to allow for hanging right by the door – then use a full column of shelving and it can be used for either all shoes – or shoes and folded items that are worn most frequently.


So here’s to making your closet designs more effective. And if you’d like to keep learning more, join me in the platform of your choice so we can connect!

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About our Guest Blogger: Ms. Denise Butchko

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