What Is Active Living?

Active Living line is Wellborn Cabinet's accessibility line. Accessibility cabinetry is not just for those with disabilities, but can also be used in aging-in-place and multigenerational home designs. Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice for as long as they are able while maintaining and/or improving their quality of life as they age in place. Thus Active Living products are ideal for multigenerational homes. They allow members of the family to share the same space either at the same time or seperately to acheive the goals of the room.

What Is Active Living Accessories?

Active Living modifications are available on our Premier Series and Estate Series cabinets. Choose from many options and accessories to create custom and accessible kitchen cabinetry.

Base Cabinet Styles

Many people who use wheelchairs depend on their base cabinets for the majority of use in their kitchen. Our wheelchair-accessible kitchen cabinets feature base styles that let you make the most of your space. The modified sink base provides accessible cleanup space. Each features enough clearance beneath the sink for wheelchairs and knees. Lazy Susan base cabinets help you make the most of corner spaces with easy access to the things you use most. Locate spices, baking ingredients, coffee and more with a simple rotation. Wellborn Cabinet Tambour bases provide a great place to store small kitchen appliances, snacks or cookware. The roll-up door means there's no need for excess maneuvering to access the interior. Appliances also need to be accessible for those in wheelchairs and older adults wanting to age in place. Wellborn Cabinet has base cabinets that fit dishwashers, dishwasher drawers and microwaves.

Accessories for Base Cabinets

Outfit your cabinetry with options to make everyday kitchen chores easier. Our base spice rack lets you quickly organize and locate the spices you need for a gourmet meal. Drawer bases with pullout tables can double as a cutting surface, and cleanup is a breeze with slide-out wastebasket cabinets.

Aging in Place Designs With Active Living

Active Living base cabinetry has an 8 1/2-inch toe kick, to assure that wheelchairs have adequate wheel clearance under the cabinets. This spacing provides the user access to the countertop while not damaging the cabinet. Utilize sliding shelves to bring items from the back to you or lifts to bring appliances up to countertop height. These ADA-Compliant kitchen cabinets are excellent tools for the home of a person hoping to age in place.

Custom-Made Active Living Designs

Maintain your independence and self-sufficiency with a custom design. Active Living designs are compatible with accessibility devices from Universal Design Products, Inc. These tools help users of many abilities make the most of their kitchen storage. Adding open handles and pulls also makes cabinet access easier. We offer selections from Belwith Keeler and Hickory Hardware that reduce the need for grip strength. Wellborn Cabinet also offers the You Draw It program — a solution for customizing cabinets to your space and lifestyle. You can select modifications, sizes and configurations that work for you. You'll get the same premium quality you'd expect from Wellborn Cabinet in sizes and styles that meet your needs.

Contact Your Local Wellborn Dealer to Discuss Your Single or Multigenerational Home's Needs Today!

Disabled homeowners and those aging in place need appropriate and safe access in the kitchen. Let Wellborn Cabinet and your local dealer help you create a comfortable living space that meets your needs. Each of our dealer partners meets our rigid guidelines for providing an exceptional experience. Find your local dealer to start your design today or get in touch with a Wellborn Cabinet Active Living specialist online.

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