Brush Finish - Hint of Brush Stroke

Brush Finish is available on Elegant Bath Inset Door Styles and in the Estate Collection.

  • Hand applied glaze in a subtle brush stroke overlaying the paint providing a depth to the finish not seen with standard glazing

  • Available on Maple

  • Brush glaze color is Fawn, a very light tan color

  • Available on Crème, Divinity, Glacier, Pebble, Sandstone and Vanilla Paints on Maple

  • Not available with any other glaze or Finish Technique

The brushed application is designed to give depth and movement to the base color. The brushed finish will be applied onto the base paint finish color in a directional brush stroke to the wood grain. The finished look can appear as an aged, weathered appearance to a more modern, contemporary look. Brush Finish will be applied to all painted surfaces, except the back of door and drawer fronts. Brush marks/strokes and amount of color will vary based on areas of the wood and the door and the selection of the wood species. Tonal variations and varied brush strokes should be seen and expected as a benefit of this finish process. Cabinet components that will include this technique: the front of cabinet doors and drawer fronts, face frames, decorative mouldings, wood accessories, finished ends and finished interior options. (Please see illustration on the right for direction of strokes when applied to the face frame, drawer front and sections of the door.) Variations in brush stroke intensity, direction and overlap from piece to piece is considered part of the unique look of this beautiful finish.